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    Baby Boomer Generation

    Did you know that seniors entering retirement are met with the fact that there are simply not enough caregivers to care for our aging populations? This is called the caregiver cliff. It’s become quite clear with the Baby Boomer generation that the high number of seniors entering retirement every single day has exposed this lack of professional caregivers available to assist them when the time comes.

    At the same time, people are living longer and longer, and the average person could have 10-15 years before they need professional care.  Because aging is a spectrum, who knows how few professional caregivers there will be when it’s time for Mom or Dad to transition to a senior care community.

    With Remote Home Check you can quickly and easily check in on a loved one in their home and proactively monitor to see if they are still able to meet their own care needs. Bring more love into your life and theirs, as they age-in-place independently.


    Health of Loved Ones

    Picking up on the cues that a loved one’s health is deteriorating can be a challenge. Subtle changes over long periods of time can easily be missed. Plus, discussing when to get help can be a difficult conversation.


    With Remote Home Check, take the guesswork away. Knowing how your loved one is doing is our top priority and we’ve developed technology that can proactively monitor how they are doing as they age-in-place.


    See a summary of how Mom is doing on her basic activities of daily living (ADLs) right from the easy-to-use dashboard. Is she eating regularly, or have you noticed a decline in her activity in the refrigerator and/or kitchen?


    Is Dad getting up in the middle of the night repeatedly? This could be an indicator of a UTI, depression, or other medical, emotional, mental, or neurological issue. Knowing that he’s not sleeping soundly as he regularly does is the actionable insight you need so Dad can get the timely help he needs.


    Checking in is easy with Remote Home Check. Bring peace of mind to your life and the gift of independence to Mom or Dad.

    Everyday Activities

    Eating regularly, taking medications, remaining social and active—these are just a few of the daily tasks an aging loved one faces. But are they struggling? How would you know?


    Everyone needs a little help now and then, and with Remote Home Check you can check in on a loved ones and provide assistance––whether you’re across the street or across the world. Get your ADL monitoring kit today.