Transforming Senior Care—One Senior Community at a Time
Date: 03/23/19 4:13 PM

Transforming Senior Care—One Senior Community at a Time

In today’s world we’re using technology more than ever. It’s a natural part of our everyday lives. But, how is technology being used within the Senior Care system? Is it being used to it’s fullest potential?

There’s been a lot of “talk” over the years about smart technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) being potential game changers in the way we care for the elderly. How a senior care community can literally record and analyze data such as a patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, mobility, oxygen levels, and more… that are specific to the needs of their condition. It’s time to shift the “talk” to the reality of what’s before us. The game changer is here.

It’s not about what IoT CAN do, but what Remote Home Check IS actually doing right now with IoT. Enhancing eldercare and improving the lives of our loved ones who reside in places like Assisted Living Facilities for example. By creating a network of connecting smart tech that communicates with each other and with us, we are revolutionizing the way we deliver senior care.

It may seem as though all this flow of data may dehumanize eldercare, but the improvement in efficiency and productivity because of real-time patient information actually creates a more patient-centered approach to caregiving. Remote Home Check allows care teams to focus more on the personal care of patients. For example, on things like their activity, mental health, rest, safety, and physical health.

It’s time to capitalize on the benefits that Remote Home Check offers you and your patients. Enhance the human connection between your patients and care team, and improve the quality of life of your patients at the same time. Schedule your demo now to see how Remote Home Check can transform your facility tomorrow.